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Intermediate Pistol Course

I really appreciate you allowing me to provide you with my knowledge and experience. My goal is to provide you the confidence to survive the encounter when under duress. Remember training is only as good as the practice you follow up with. Your now ready to take my Intermediate Pistol Course. Together we will master your techniques. In the private course you will also learn how to defend your self from your back, along with other helpful techniques. I only provide this course to a limited amount of students, so be sure to reserve today. The course is 3 hours and I work with your schedule. Here are some of the things we go over.

  • Surviving an encounter from your vehicle
  • Contact distance close quarters shooting techniques.
  • Movement to maximize survivability in a lethal force scenario.
  • Cover and concealment.
  • Unconventional shooting positions.
  • Flashlight techniques and low light shooting.
  • Single hand shooting and manipulations.
  • Reloading your platform efficiently and reliably
  • Transitioning between targets without wasted movement and placing accurate shots

and much more….

The course provides you the confidence to transition in unconventional survival situations.

Instructor Fee: $250

Range Fees: $54 (Includes Ammo)

Total: $304

 Deposit: $100

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Not Ready For the Intermediate Course?

Need some additional time on the range?

Sign up for the Post Pistol Course

Designed to provide you that extra time with the instructor to become more confident with the firearm. The course is provided on your time with a private session at the range.

Coure Length: 1 Hour

Instructor Fee: $150

Range Fee: $54

Totsal: $204

Deposit: $50

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