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Concealed Certification Course

We offer individuals the ability to obtain their concealed certification online from most states. Our Live Online Webinar course is offered every other Monday. Once you register, you will then select which Monday you would like to attend.

Please note upon completion of the course, you will be required to complete a qualification shot remotely where ever a firearm can be discharged legally. Upon receipt of the video of your qualification shot as demonstrated in the video below, only then will your certificate be issued.

This course meets the state of FL and the following states requirements; Alabama, Alaska, Arizona ,Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware ,Georgia ,Idaho ,Indiana ,Iowa ,Kansas ,Kentucky ,Louisiana ,Maine ,Michigan ,Mississippi ,Missouri ,Montana ,Nebraska ,Nevada ,New Hampshire ,New Mexico ,North Carolina ,North Dakota ,Ohio ,Oklahoma ,Pennsylvania ,South Carolina ,South Dakota, Tennessee ,Texas ,Utah ,Virginia ,West Virginia ,Wisconsin ,Wyoming. By taking our course you understand Firearm Training Pro, LLC is not liable if the state does not accept our certification. . It is always the responsibility of the student to ensure our certification course will meet your states requirements. States that require a 4, 8 or 12 hour course, this certification will not apply.