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By signing below you confirm that you have placed a non-refundable deposit in the amount of $50 per student for a total of student(s), to secure the discounted course price to attend the training course on a future date to be determined. Please enter the last four digits of the credit card to place your deposit: You will be charged a total amount of $50 paid today. I understand that on the day of the course there will be a total remaining balance of $165 per person.

Selecting Date:

I understand I may go to basic.firearmtrainingpro.com and select a future course date, at which time I will pay towards the remaining balance of $165, the amount of $100 to reserve a seat for the selected course date, leaving a balance of $65 to be paid at check-in on the day of the course. I acknowledge the online registration process must be repeated to reserve a seat for each student. In addition I understand that if I register online for a specific date, paying the one hundred dollars towards the remaining balance and I do not show for the course, I forfeit all payments and deposits. I agree to reschedule for a course date that I must send an email to support@firearmtrainingpro.com seventy two hours prior to the start of the course date to reschedule with no penalties.

Final Payment:

$165 As stated above under "Selecting Date" the student will pay $100 online towards the final balance when selecting the course date the student wishes to attend. The student will pay the final balance of $65 by credit card, at check-in on the day of the course. The above terms and conditions apply per student.

Equipment Provided:

Eyes & Ear Protection, Targets, 9mm Firearm Rental, (2) 15 Round Magazine Rental, 50 Rounds 9mm Ammo, Range Time, Training Aids.


A Firearm will be provided, however we encourage you to bring a firearm if you own one so we may instruct you on the operation of the firearm. Be sure your firearm is unloaded and in a case. NO AMMO is allowed in the class room.

Billing Information

By signing above you agree to our terms and conditions as outlined on this form and authorize the above indicated amount to be charged to your credit card.


Cancellations/Reschedules must be requested by email to support@firearmtrainigpro.com 72 hours prior to the start of the course
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