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  1. After you have watched the PPV course go to the link provided in the course to schedule your qualification shot and receive your certificate.
  2. Purchase and watch the course any time, from any place
  3. Pay Now & Watch Now

Click below to pay to access the PayPerView (PPV) CWP Webinar. Watch and take the course on a date/time that works with your schedule. Once your payment is completed you will be brought back to this page, to access the content. At the end of the course, you will be provided a link to schedule your in person qualification shot where you will receive your certificate of completion. You will have 24 hour access to watch the training class. Do not close the window until you have completed the class.

Proof of payment at the qualification shot, per student will be required in order to receive your certificate.

This PPV course is access for one single student, to purchase for additional students, please repeat the process. The PPV purchase can not be combined with any other purchase, discounts or offers.

Watch A Sample of the Webinar Course Below

How to register,
step (1) click below “pay here to access” button
step (2) enter your payment info
step (3) click on the “confirm payment” button when brought back to the website

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