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Pay Per View Concealed Course

Take our Concealed Certification course to receive your certifcate of completion to to apply for your concealed carry permit with the Division of License. You will be required to complete a qualification shot showing you are proficient with a firearm to meet the state’s requirements during the course. Do not bring a firearm or ammo to the class, everything will be provided. Fingerprint and Passport Photo information will all be provided. Upon completion you will be provided a certification to apply with the state for your concealed carry permit.This class meets the state of Florida’s requirements per F.S. 790.06

About Our Pay Per View

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How's it work?

Watch our Concealed Certification Course from the comfort of your home. Experience our class, on your time. Same as our in-person course, just from home. Once you watch the course you will schedule to come in to our local office to complete the in-person qualification shot any Wed or Sat from 9p-11p. 

How to watch the Pay Per View

Part Two - Qualification Shot

In-Person South Florida Qualification Shot

At the end of the pay per view you will be provided a link to schedule a day to come in and complete your in person qualification shot. Where you will present your state ID, voucher or receipt of payment and receive your physical certificate. If you are a couple, family or friends, please only select one time slot for up to four individuals. To confirm, No more then four individuals may come in on the time slot of the qualification shot appointment at a time. In addition a $5 fee will be due during the qualification shot to cover ammo and supplies.

Remote North Florida Qualification Shot

Once the student completes the pay per view course they can choose to go to a local gun run or a outdoor area where they can lawfully discharge a firearm, where they will record themselves discharging one round, hold their id up to the camera and submit the recording for review to the instructor. Once the instructor reviews the video, the student will receive their certificate and the information to apply for their Florida Concealed Permit. Instructions on how to complete your remote qualification shot can be found hereThis option is not available to any students that reside in South Florida

If you have any questions please feel free to call or text us at 561-299-3971