CWP Webinar + Qualification Shot Please watch the below video explaining how during the virus outbreak we are splitting the course in two parts. You will register like normal to attend the course, however you will attend the course on the selected date/time via a webinar from home. After you have attended the online webinar course you will be provided time slots for the following days to meet the instructor 1-on-1 to conduct the required qualification shot and receive your certificate. By doing this it allows us to continue offering our customers our certification course all while keeping your health and safety a first priority. If you would prefer to attend a physical course, please register for a course date after June 1, 2020.

How to attend the webinar course?

STEP 1) Go to our calendar and register for a course to reserve a spot, you may reserve up to 4 students with one registration Click Here to view our calendar

STEP 2) Go to your desktop computer, tablet or phone and download the webinar application from this link or CLICK HERE

STEP 3) Go to your desktop computer, tablet or phone at the scheduled time of the class (example 6:30pm) and go to or CLICK HERE then follow the instructions.

Please note, only registered users can attend the webinar.

Part Two – Qualification Shot

At the end of the webinar you will be provided a link to schedule a day to come in and complete your in person qualification shot. Where you will present your state ID, voucher or receipt of payment and receive your physical certificate. If you are a couple, family or friends, please only select one time slot for up to four individuals. To confirm, No more then four individuals may come in on the time slot of the qualification shot appointment at a time.


Day of Webinar, and Im still confused what to do?


click the below link to setup your computer, tablet or phone to install the application or CLICK HERE

From your computer it may look like this when downloading



click the below link and wait for the course to begin. Be sure to have your camera and audio turned on as you will need to complete roll call. or CLICK HERE

Should look like this, click an open the link

You should then see something like this depending on what device you are on;

click open link;

You should then be brought to a window like this;

Depending on the device it may look different but you want to get to the window where it says waiting for organizers to start, then just leave that window open and wait for the course to begin.


Complete the online webinar course and go to the link the instructor provides at the end of the course, to register to come in person to complete your one-on-one qualification shot, present your state id and receive your certificate. The days following the course at specific times will be available to complete the in person qualification shot, privately with the instructor..


If you have any querstions please feel free to text us at 561-299-3971 (DUE TO THE HIGH INCREASE OF CALLS, DO NOT CALL, ONLY TEXT)