Locations in Miami & Boca Raton, FL

Private Lessons

Our team of instructors offer private training courses tailored to your personal needs. The course is offered at $250/hr, max 2 people. You may schedule for the following private courses.

Pistol & Self Defense Course

This course is ideal for students looking to learn how to handle a firearm while under duress. Student will be instructed on the safe handling, operation and cleaning of a firearm. In addition students will learn how to handle situations while under duress, De-Escalate Situations, how to observe and handle a threat. This course starts with five hours in our class room then ends at the gun range.

Private 1-ON-1 Course

Our private course is designed to allow you to be instructed on the safe handling and safety of a firearm. This pistol class does not include range time and is conducted in our classroom, utilizing our simulation tools and equipment.