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Take our Concealed Certification course to receive your certificate of completion to to apply for your concealed carry permit with the Division of License. You will be required to complete a qualification shot showing you are proficient with a firearm to meet the state’s requirements during the course. Do not bring a firearm or ammo to the class, everything will be provided. Fingerprint and Passport Photo information will all be provided. Upon completion you will be provided a certification to apply with the state for your concealed carry permit.This class meets the state of Florida’s requirements per F.S. 790.06

Steps to obtain your permit

Rush Service Finger Print Application Service

Immediately following the In-Person course you will be provided the optional application “Rush Service. We will provide you with everything required to mail in your application. This includes fingerprints completed by a law enforcement agency, passport photo to be included with your application and the physical application. In addition our team will assist you with completing your application and answer any questions you may have. Our goal is to provide you a one-stop solution to apply for your permit!

Select ” Sameday Fingerprint Application Package” at checkout when registering below to receive ONE STOP SHOP APPLICATION PROCESS!


Frequently Asked Questions

 If your pre-register online, the cost starts at $40 depending on the day selected. Pre-Registration is Mandatory – No Walk-ins Allowed!

A) Yes, per the state of Florida statues, a certified Instructor must witness you discharge a firearm to show proficiency. To complete this, we utilize a bullet trap in our classroom to discharge the single shot per student. We will provide the gun and equipment.

An instructor will guide you step by step.

No, the state of Florida does not require a written test to receive your concealed certification.

We provide our optional fingerprinting service immediately following the class. This includes the application and everything required to apply for your permit.

Individuals who live out of state may complete the course and apply with the Florida Division of License for a Non-Resident Concealed Permit. This will allow you to carry but will not allow you to purchase.

Your certificate is valid for six months, after six months you must retake the class. You may renew your license up to six months after it expires. After six months you will have to take the class and re-apply with the state.

Yes, during the concealed certification course we provide our students the opportunity to enroll in our Pistol and Self Defense course.

Classes are provided every Wednesday and scheduled Saturdays from our Boca Raton school starting at 6:30pm. Mandatory online registration is required.

Other then the standard registration fees, on we require a $5 qualification shot fee to cover ammo and supplies on the day of the course, per student. 

Yes, In addition to providing you the training, the firearm to complete your qualification shot, We also provide our optional “Rush Service” fingerprinting application service immediately following the class, to provide you a one stop solution to apply for your concealed carry permit.

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