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Pistol & Self Defense Course

Pistol & Self Defense Course

Our Pistol & Self Defense Course is designed for anyone looking to become confident with a firearm and be provided the skills to handle situations when under duress. Our Instructor goes step by step to ensure you understand how to use a firearm, draw from a concealed position, survive the aggressor, shoot accurately and much more. This class is offered every other scheduled Sunday.

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Most frequent questions and answers

A gun is not required to take the course. We will provide you with a full size 9mm S&W firearm. If you own a firearm, we encourage you to bring it unloaded. We will instruct you on the operation of the firearm, including how to field strip and clean it.

The full day course is offered on scheduled Sunday’s once a month. 

No, this course is designed for beginners and individuals needing a refresher course. We especially encourage individual that have a fear of guns, but would like to get over their fear to use a gun.

We provide everything required to take the course. This includes; training aides, firearm, holster, dummy rounds, simulation firearm, safety equipment, targets, etc.

The course is broken down; 5 hours in the classroom and the remaining time on the range. The course starts in the classroom at 9:30am.

Kids between the ages of 10-17 are welcome to come free of charge. We encourage parents. to bring their kids so we may educate them of firearm safety and handling. Kids will be able to fully participate in the classroom training.

Course Fee $315 (Save $100 when you take our concealed course)

$100 Deposit is all that will be required to reserve your seat. Final payment of $215 will be required on the day of the course at check-in. This covers all range fees, ammo, instructor fee and training aids. If you attend our concealed certification class, we will provide you the opportunity to register on the day of the course and save $100 off our Basic Pistol & Self Defense Course.

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