Concealed Certification

We offer the Florida concealed carry certification course at an affordable price.

Our instructor Jay K. holds the following certifications; NRA Certified Instructor, NRA Training Counselor, NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, CPR/First Aid Instructor, Self Defense Instructor


Jay K. "I take pride in teaching each of my students, sharing my knowledge and training. I look forward to the opportunity to provide you with training, giving you peace of mind!!"

How to get your permit

  1. Register to take our concealed certification course
  2. Attend our certification course
  3. Receive your certificate
  4. Apply with Division of License, providing them our certificate
  5. Receive your permit



Our Concealed Certification Course

We offer our concealed certification class from our school and every scheduled gun show.

The state of Florida requires an individual to complete a concealed certification course with a certified firearms instructor. Our certification course is offered every Wednesday night at 6:45pm at our Boca Raton school. In addition our course is offered at our scheduled gun shows. Once you complete the course you will be provided your certification and step by step instructions how to apply with the state, who will also complete your application, fingerprints and passport photo. We invite you to review our feedback from previous students, we go above and beyond to provide you with an enjoyable and educational experience!

Common Questions

Please find our most frequently asked Q&A below;

Q) Do we have to shoot a gun to qualify?

A)  Yes, per the state of Florida statues, a certified Instructor must witness you discharge a firearm to show proficieny. To complete this, we utilize a bullet trap in our classroom to discharge the single shot per student. An instructor will guide you step by step.

Q) Is there a test?

A)  No, the state of Florida does not require a written test to receive your concealed certification.

Q) Do you provide the finger prints?

A)  The state of Florida provides the Finger Prints, Digital Application and Passport Photo process when you apply at their local office after you have received your certification.

Q) What if I live out of state?

A)  Individuals who live out of state may complete the course and apply with the Florida Division of License for a Non-Resident Concealed Permit. This will allow you to carry but will not allow you to purchase.

Q) My previous license or certificate expired?

A)  Your certificate is valid for six months, after six months you must retake the class. You may renew your license up to six months after it expires. After six months you will have to take the class and re-apply with the state.

Q) I don't know how to use a firearm, do you provide training?

A)  Yes, during the concealed certification course we provide our students the opportunity to enroll in our Basic Pistol and Self Defense course.

Q) What days are your classes offered?

A)  Classes are provided every Wednesday from our Boca Raton school and Saturday and Sunday during every scheduled gun show.



Please feel free to visit the Division of License website at for any questions in regards to applying with the state.

( SATURDAY & SUNDAY CLASS is offered duing our monthly scheduled gun show, for dates and to register please Click Here to go to our gun show website and register to reserve a seat. )

Course is two hours. You will be required to complete a qualification...

Open Seats 20

6:45pm - 9:00pm

Course is two hours. You will be required to complete a qualification...

Open Seats 35

6:45pm - 9:00pm

Course is two hours. You will be required to complete a qualification...

Open Seats 36

6:45pm - 9:00pm