Basic Pistol Course

Our Basic Pistol Course is designed for anyone looking to become confident with a firearm and be provided the skills to handle situations when under duress. Our Instructor goes step by step to ensure you understand how to use a firearm, draw from a concealed position, survive the aggresor, shoot accuratley and much more. We only offer this class once a month so sign up today

What you will learn!

  • Safety guidelines & procedures
  • Introduction to the pistol & revolver
  • How firearms function, operate and discharge
  • What makes a bullet and types of ammo
  • How to load and unload ammo to a magazine
  • Types of firearm malfunctions and how to clear them
  • The proper grip, stance, aiming and discharge of a firearm
  • How to accuratley aim and shoot your target
  • De-escalation techniques to evade a situation
  • Self defense techniques to survive the fight 
  • How to draw a firearm from a concealed position
  • Using water filled pepper sprays, learning how & when to use
  • How to dissasemble and clean a firearm
  • Arrive at Delray Shooting Center at 2:30pm
  • 1-on-1 hands on training with the instructor at the range
  • Discharge of fifty rounds on precision targets at the range
  • Discharge of fifty rounds on focus targets at the range


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Course Fee $250


$100 Deposit is all that will be required to reserve your seat. Final payment of $100 cash will be required on the day of the course at check-in. $50 payment will be required to the range either cash or charge. If you attend our concealed certification class, we will provide you the opportunity to register on the day of the course and save $50 off our Basic Pistol & Self Defense Course.

Our Basic Pistol Course is designed for anyone looking to...

Open Seats 25

8:45am - 5:00pm